Wednesday, August 25, 2010


One month left!!!

training is going pretty good. as good as i could hope for. i have a 16, 20, and 24 mile long run lrft which gives me a two week taper. I have been hitting most of my runs and gym sessions. Not all. i admit I could be doing better but things get in the way and such. Excuses i guess. Trails are getting easier and are pretty enjoyable. This weekend will be the big test because im going to run to the summit where the race takes place. if anything it will be a confidence boost if i can pull this off without sucking.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Half mile short of my scheduled miles. 28.5 of the 29. no big deal. I feel pretty good so far. Yesterdays 12 miler felt easy and i never really got tired. my legs were a little tight once i stopped but that is pretty standard. i got in the pool once and did sprints with fins. no time for the gym but hit all the runs. im happy with that. i have 31 miles on schedule for this week. I hope to get them all in. it just takes some planning. 31 miles sounds so little for what im training for and it almost scares me. i might have to bump up the miles even more than what i have planned. i top out at 45 miles. i think i need more with more trail runs. with this being my first 50k its all about learning. so i just hope for the best, although im confident i will finish.