Monday, August 9, 2010


Half mile short of my scheduled miles. 28.5 of the 29. no big deal. I feel pretty good so far. Yesterdays 12 miler felt easy and i never really got tired. my legs were a little tight once i stopped but that is pretty standard. i got in the pool once and did sprints with fins. no time for the gym but hit all the runs. im happy with that. i have 31 miles on schedule for this week. I hope to get them all in. it just takes some planning. 31 miles sounds so little for what im training for and it almost scares me. i might have to bump up the miles even more than what i have planned. i top out at 45 miles. i think i need more with more trail runs. with this being my first 50k its all about learning. so i just hope for the best, although im confident i will finish.

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