Saturday, July 31, 2010

Noble Canyon 50k

So i registered for Noble Canyon 50k ( race and its on September 25th 2010. 33 miles with 10 thousand feet of climbing. I have never ran more than 27 miles at once so its something i have never done. I have been wanting to do an ultra for years now and finally just went for it and signed up. I have a history of injuries when I bump up my miles so i have a different plan this time.

I dont know if this is going to work but im doing this race no matter what. Im going to get 3-4 good runs per week in concentrating on my long run. Im going to do two gym sessions a week for strength training. Focusing on legs and core. A few rides a week on my road bike and a few pool sessions.

Overall i want to have better overall fitness. I think it will keep me injury free and be more fun. This race WILL happen and i will post all of my work outs from here on out until I toe the line September 25th to keep me in check. Here is a profile for what i have got myself into.

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