Thursday, January 28, 2010

new plan

Running with the Devil marathon in June. Silverman Iron distance TRI in November. I cant wait!!! I have been wanting to do an ironman for years now. I turn 30 this year and I want to challenge myself. I am building my miles on a treadmill that is possibly the worst treadmill known to man for many reasons. 1) when you open the door you are smacked in the face with funk, really really bad funk. 2) Its on a ship which rocks all over the place and you have to hold on to something. 3) It's in a small room with NO ventilation and high humidity so a quarter mile into the run you already start sweating and by mile 2 it looks like you jumped in a pool. No joke. The farthest I have run on it was 5 miles. The toughest 5 miles i have ever run. With the Running with the Devil marathon coming up I think it will help, not only physically but mentally. I have a feeling most of the marathon is going to be a HUGE mental challenge with no where to go to escape the heat. After that marathon I am going to start building up my bike miles and put in a lot more time in the pool to start ramping up for Silverman. I cant wait to get back! I miss my family and SD. For the most part, other Countries suck ass. Although tongue and cheek are pretty tasty.