Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Almost Home!!

One week left. I cant wait to get back to San Diego. 12 weeks left until Running with the devil. so far so good. when i first got on the ship it was hard to run only two miles on the treadmill because of the heat and humidity. I got used to it though and it made me stronger. i built my long runs up to 9 miles and was hitting around 20-25 miles a week on it. it sucked but was good training for the heat. I know its not going to be anything like the real thing when its 115 degrees out but its a start. my legs are holding up well and not hurting too bad and im recovering fairly quickly.

I have 30 miles planned this week, which i have never hit before. I have always injured myself before i reached this point. When i looked back at my old training logs I was shocked that i never kept any kind of consistancy or volume. I dont know how the hell i ran a marathon with that low of miles. I also want to do a half marathon sometime at the end of May and see what time i can pull off. I really want to break 1:45 but would be happy with sub 1:50.

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