Sunday, September 7, 2008


This week I got one run in. Wednesday when I took off on my 6 mile run I had really bad pains in my lower legs, I kept going and figured it was the same as all my other runs and would go away. Well, it never did and i had to cut my run back and took the fastest way back and ended up being 4.5 miles. I havent ran since because I think it would benefit me more by taking the rest of the week off. In the morning I am going to try running again and see what happens. Im crossing my fingers. It really is frustrating to keep going through this.

This week I am going to start going to the gym. Maybe strenght training is what I am missing. I also want to start doing some cross fit workouts.

that is all for this week, I hope next week turns out better and I can get through this week without hurting. Good luck me.


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