Sunday, August 31, 2008

week 5 of 18

This was the first week of my build week and i finally went over 20 miles. I have been trying to pick up the pace a bit but I am still not "feeling" it. I was hoping to be feeling alot lighter by now, which only happens now and then like at the end of my 5 mile run on Friday, I wanted to keep going because it felt so easy. Friday at 4:30 AM I ran with the marines again and we did 5 miles. there were somwhere around 1200 of them and we were all in a big formation. We averaged a 9:40 pace and it felt easy. maybe because it was not hot yet. Today I ran 10 miles at what is supposed to be an easy pace, and normally it would be easy but it was just so dang hot I was pushing to keep in the low 10 min pace. My average HR for my long run was 189 (zone 5). Normally when I am running that pace my HR is in the low 180's. The last 5 miles I stayed in the mid 190's. I am using cliff shot blocks during my long runs for anything at or over 10 miles. they really help, and they are tasty too.

Next week I have another build week meaning I am going to pick up the pace a little bit and mid week I have a 6 mile tempo run planned then 12 on Sat or Sun.

Today while running I realized that a 4 hr marathon was probably not going to be in my scope, However, I am not going to move away from that goal, That is still my "A" goal. I really want that time for some odd reason and I refuse to let that go, I think within the next month or so I will be able to know more about where I stand. It will also be alot cooler (50's) at the time of the race and all this running in the heat, alough discouraging, is really helping.

Also, I may have to not only change the date of my marathon but also change the marathon itself. I have been told that I will be going to west virginia on that weekend so I looked up other marathons for around that time. The closest one I could find is the Baton Rouge marathon in Louisiana on December 6th, That is if good ole Gustuv doesnt blow it off the planet. I guess Ill find out soon.

  • Wed ~5.4 miles (10:16 pace, HR 183)
  • Friday~ 5 miles (940 pace, no HR monitor)
  • Sunday~ 10 miles (10:24 pace Avg, HR 189)

Total for training: 85.6 miles
Total this week: 20.4 miles


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