Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 1 complete

The first of 18 weeks is complete. I finished up the week with a 6 mile (long run).
Mile splits:
  1. 10:34 (Avg. HR 168)
  2. 10:14 (Avg. HR 185)
  3. 10:37 (Avg. HR 193)
  4. 11:10 (Avg. HR 189)
  5. 10:11 (Avg. HR 198)
  6. 11:07 (Avg. HR 199)

Other than feeling out of shape and sluggish, I feel great as far as having no pain. As far as my HR goes, I'm not sure why it is that high. I new I have a very high HR for my age but that just seems crazy considering my slow pace. The only thing I can think of is the heat. It was probably about 85 degrees this morning. I also left a little late(8AM) so it had warmed up a bit. Next time I will get out earlier.

I have decided to raise money for a foundation called "Team World Vision". They give aid to children in Africa who are in need. Kids are dying everyday so I figure every little bit will help. I think that running marathons is a great way to give back.

Overall weekly Milage: 16.8

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