Friday, August 1, 2008

game plan

I have 4 weeks of base training. I figure since im just coming off an injury(shin pain) I want to ease back into it. These next 4 weeks are just going to be slow runs where I gradually build my milage and stamina. On my last run, I could feel the effects of just getting back into running. But, it shouldnt take to long to get it back. After, the next 4 weeks I will start getting into the higher miles and I will start to speed up my runs. Last time I trained for the half, I started to use my long runs by splitting them up. The first half I would go about a 10 min pace, then gradually work up to about 8:30 miles. I think that helped for the half. But a full marathon is a whole different ball game. I only have 4 weeks of my peak phase. I think this is going to be the key to breaking 4 hours. In the peak phase I have built in some cutback weeks, one after 2 weeks, then 1 peak week, 1 final cut back and and my last peak followed by 3 weeks for taper.Including race week. I am going to start utilizing my heart rate monitor more and record my paces with my heart rate. I have a super high HR (201) and im only 27. That shit aint right. needless to say, at a 9 min pace I avg. about 180-185. Hopefully this plan keeps me pain free.

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