Monday, August 18, 2008

Another week down but cut back

This week I had a very low milage week. I intended on running 20 miles this week but my legs were not feeling up to it. My shoes were really worn out with about 200 miles on them and my shin pains were(are) starting to return. I bought some new shoes that are made for my running style(gait). I overpronate, meaning when my foot lands it bends inward causing my lower shins to hurt. That is the conclusion I came up with after lots of reading. The new shoes I got helps prevent overpronation so that should help ease my pain. So far I have run 9 miles on them and I can already tell they will help. Yesterday I finally got out for my "long run" (shortend up) and 2 miles into it the rain came pouring with 3 miles left. it felt great though. Friday I ran a 4 mile run with 1200 marines in formation at a 9:50 pace. Here were my runs for last week (posting late)

  • Tuesday-3 miles (treadmill)
  • Friday- 4.2 miles @9:50
  • Sunday- 5.16 miles @ 10:14 pace

Overall, I'm glad that I took a cutback week even though it was not planned. I needed it and Im starting to feel better already. Here is the new kicks~~~~>,1110,1107,1148,1109,1140,1138,1104,1113,1041,1076,1058,1102,1067,1064,1062,1146,1134,1136,1152,1150

Total miles for week : 12.4
Total miles in training: 47.2


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