Sunday, August 10, 2008

just finished up another week

This week was a success. I was able to get in all of my planned runs. I had a 5 miler and a 3 miler at the end of the week that I had to do at lunch and it was super hot. I keep trying to get out earlier because of the heat but it never happend. You would think that I would learn my lesson. However, I think that after my runs in the heat I feel lighter on my feet when its cooler.

Here are my runs for the week.

Mon-3 @30:00
Wed- 5, 50:55(No HR monitor)
Fri-3, (no watch or Garmin)based on feel it was probable @9 min pace.
Sun-7, 1:13 (181 Avg HR)

weekly total: 18 miles

On another note, here is a safety tip. Always run going against the traffic so when redneck assholes try and run you over you can get out of the way. As I kept my composure and kept running, I saw I trail of milwaukees best light on the side of the road. He probably threw them out his rear rednect truck window as he was leaving his trailer. At least that is what I imagined. He literally got over as far as he could and gunned it, I could hear his engine rev up through my headphones.

Thanks for everyone who has donated so far. I am only 100 dollars away from my goal.

Run safe,

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Greg On the Run said...

Welcome to the Complete Running Network Family. You'll find plenty of people dropping by just to say hello.

Regarding the traffic - I have found myself more and more running on the side of the road where drivers are more likely to see me and have the time to react to seeing me. I don't run with headphones so I don't need to look to see that someone is approaching me.