Sunday, August 24, 2008

week 4 of 18

This week I did not complete my scheduled miles. I missed a 3 mile run on Friday. It has been a weird week with this tropical storm. I wasnt sure I was going to be able to make my long run today because the weather was supposed to be worse today as the backside of tropical storm Fay came through. But, I woke up to the sun with mild wind, It was perfect, so I headed out. Nothing interesting happend to me on my route today. Usually with that route somthing weird happens to me. mostly involving dogs. So far my training has been going ok, I was hoping to be feeling a bit faster by now and it hasnt happend yet. In the past it usually comes out of the blue and i feel light on my feet and fast. I am having a hard time with running my goal marathon pace. But I have also been running alot of them during the hottest part of the day.

I am officially done with my base phase and going into my build phase. I havent changed much besides two things. One, my miles are going to start getting longer and two, my mid week run, along with getting longer, I am going to start doing some tempos and marathon pace runs (9:00 miles), along with doing some strides at the end of every run especially my long runs.

here is my runs this week
  • Monday 3.1
  • Thursday 5.9 ( was supposed to be 6 but I wimped out and finished at the closest door at work cutting that 10th off. I dont want to make excuses but it was very hot)
  • Friday- rest
  • Saturday- tropical storm
  • Sunday-9 @10:30 pace

total for the week: 18
total in training: 65.2



Sheamus said...

Good luck with your marathon plans. I'm currently in the thick of a self-imposed challenge to run every single day for one entire year - today was day #90.

I did forty miles this week (at around an eight-minute pace), and I'll be moving up to 50/week pretty soon. I didn't run at all before this - amazing what can be done if you put yourself out there!

I'm trying to figure out how to tie it all into some kind of charity benefit now, hopefully when I hit the 100-day mark.

Best of luck,

Marathon Training said...


Thanks for the comment. It sounds like a good Idea to make your challeng into a fundraiser. There are tons out there. I am going to raise money for different charities for all of the marathons I run. Good luck with your running, be safe and make sure you dont over do it. Injuries sneek up.