Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hit with the FLU

This week sucked. Tuesday I started feeling like shit and woke up Wednesday morning really feeling like crap. I had all the symptoms of a flu and it didn't go away until Saturday. Friday I managed to run 4 miles and felt pretty bad the rest of the day. Today I woke up and was going to do my scheduled 12 miler but changed my mind as I think I would benefit more from a 5 miler and just dish this week up as a bad week. For better terms Ill call it my cutback week. I'm going to "redo" my plan for last week this week. I will make it happen no matter what or how I feel. I cannot afford to keep missing these miles. I have about 8 weeks left until my marathon and the last 3 weeks are my taper weeks, as it stands now I might even taper for only 2 weeks.

Total miles this week: 8.8


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