Sunday, October 12, 2008

week 11 was a success

This week I completed all of my scheduled miles and it was relativley easy to do. 26 was the magic number. next week I have 29 miles with a 14 mile long run. I planned out all the rest of my long runs on the map from my logging site. Its crazy when you map out those 18-20 mile runs. It really puts it into perspective how far that actually is. I pretty much have to run around pensacola.

My fundraiser has been sitting at 225$ and my goal is 300$ I guess I need to get creative to raise the last 75 bucks. Any suggestions?

On a good note, My legs have been feeling great. I never would have thought I would be feeling this good this time last month. My motivation was super low and I was really bummed out. Every time I took off for a run my legs hurt so bad I could hardly run. Now, with my legs feeling good I have much more motivation and its looking more and more like I can handle an avg. pace of 10:00 min miles during the marathon.


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Yaktrax said...


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