Monday, January 19, 2009

long time since last post

Well, to recap these past two months is not very hard. The marathon turned into a half marathon. I ended up running the Holiday half marthon on December 13th. I went into this run with very poor training and I learned alot from it. I was thinking I could go out and run 13.1 miles with very little training. Well, I was right I could do that but it was not pretty. My time was 2:12 averaging about a 10 min mile. I didnt wear my GPS and I was running on feel. I crossed mile 1 at 8:08, I thought i was going way slower than that. I ended up paying for it at mile 8 or so when my legs got heavy and I could not run with any speed at all. My last few miles were somewhere in the range of 11 min miles. Oh well, It was still fun.

The races I have in mind this year are as follows:
  • June- Half marathon (running with the devil) should be nice and hot 110-120 degrees. I have no goal time I just want to finish and not die.
  • August- ET Ultra marathon 51k: This one is interesting, it is ran at midnight out by area 51, hence, 51k not 50 k.
  • December-Rock and roll Marathon in Vegas. ( tentative) because I might be out to sea.

Other goals I have this year is to get back in the gym on a regular basis. Ride my road bike more and get in the pool more often. basically I just want to be in all around good shape. with all the running Im going to be doing i need different forms of cross training to keep things fresh.

So far this month I have been running quite a bit. I have no schedule to follow so it is actually pretty nice. I just run what ever i feel like doing at the pace I feel like doing that day. I will come up with a plan eventually for that half marathon. I have a feeling its going to be done in the heat or lots of clothes to simulate heat. Well see, Like I said I hope to just survive. For now im just going to be building a good base to work from.

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